Our Vision

Our vision was to revolutionize the meat shopping and consumption experience. Through meticulous oversight from farm to fork, we have taken control of every stage of the process. 

This enables us to deliver the utmost quality, an extensive range of options, and a consistently satisfying eating experience.

Our Commitment

At Food Factory, our commitment is to provide you with an unparalleled promise: the largest selection of premium meats of the highest quality, all at the most competitive prices. This principle lies at the heart of everything we do, defining what we call the Food Factory way.


Through the process of blast freezing, we effectively minimize crystallization while preserving the juiciness, flavor, and tenderness of our meats. At the pinnacle of freshness, our meats undergo blast freezing and remain at frozen temperatures throughout the entire supply chain. We exercise vigilant monitoring and maintain strict control over the entire process, ensuring optimal quality at every stage.

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing fresh meat may not guarantee the freshness you expect. Many establishments transport meat over long distances, subjecting it to potentially inconsistent temperatures.

In contrast, our commitment to frozen freshness ensures the consistent and remarkable taste of our meat products.

Food Factory to you

The conventional food industry typically involves numerous stages between the farm and your plate. However, we have reimagined this process by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, allowing us to maintain complete control over the entire journey.

By establishing a direct path from our sources to you, we are able to offer affordable prices without making any compromises in terms of quality. This streamlined approach ensures that you receive exceptional products without having to pay a premium.


We carefully select a diverse array of products, each connected by our unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards of quality. Regardless of the occasion, whether it's a special event, a casual Monday night dinner, our collection of mouthwatering products is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Packaging & Delivery

Experience the convenience of our packaging, designed to suit your needs perfectly. With our thoughtful approach, you can effortlessly prepare the precise amount you require for your meal. Simply take the desired portion and leave the remainder safely stored in the freezer. This ensures minimal waste and maximum convenience for your culinary endeavors.

Packaging & Delivery

We are dedicated to ensuring your shopping experience is effortless and convenient. That's why we meticulously select and pack each product, as if you were personally handpicking them yourself. You can expect delectable cuts delivered right to your doorstep

Place orders before 2 pm for next day delivery

What's more, we offer FREE shipping for added value for all orders over AED 200


Opting for food that is frozen at its freshest peak allows you to minimize waste and maximize savings. Startling statistics from the NRDC reveal that a staggering 40% of all food produced in the U.S. goes uneaten. However, research published in the British Food Journal highlights a significant reduction in food waste, with frozen food proving to be a superior choice. In fact, it is estimated that 47% less food is wasted at home when utilizing frozen options compared to non-frozen alternatives. By embracing frozen food, you not only contribute to reducing overall food waste but also enjoy the economic benefits of saving more.