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Greggs Pork Sausage Rolls x 4 pcs ❄️
Greggs Mini Pork Sausage Rolls x 16 pcs ❄️
Greggs 16 Pack Mini Cheese and Onion Rolls ❄️
Greggs Pork Sausage Rolls 8 Pack❄️
Sale priceDhs. 70.00 AED
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Iceland Irish Pork Sausages (14 pack) 700g ❄️
Sold out
Fridays Mini Brownie Obsession
Sale priceDhs. 10.00 AED Regular priceDhs. 26.50 AED
Fridays Boneless Chicken Strips Classic 250g ❄️
Iceland 10 Breaded Fillet Fish Fingers 250g ❄️
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Iceland Luxury 2 Steak Pies (Non Halal) 400g ❄️
Iceland Garlic Baguettes (2 pack) 338g ❄️
Iceland 40 Mini Pork Sausage Rolls 720g❄️
Butterball Turkey Strips 200g ❄️Butterball Turkey Strips 200g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 25.75 AED
Iceland Pork Sausages (14 pack) 700g ❄️
Fridays Mac and Cheese Bites ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 28.25 AED
Iceland Luxury Pigs in Blankets Yorkshire Pudding (Pork) 385g ❄️
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Iceland Chicken and Pork Bacon Family Pie 700g ❄️Iceland Chicken and Pork Bacon Family Pie 700g ❄️
Iceland 12 Pigs in Blankets (Pork)  252g ❄️Iceland 12 Pigs in Blankets (Pork)  252g ❄️
Butterball Whole Turkey ❄️
Sale priceFrom Dhs. 170.10 AED
Fridays Mozzarella Sticks 210g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 27.75 AED
Fridays Jalapeno and Cheese ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 27.75 AED
Iceland 6 Belgian Chocolate Éclairs 160g ❄️Iceland 6 Belgian Chocolate Éclairs 160g ❄️
Fridays Cheeseburger Spring Rolls ❄️
Iceland Millionaire's Cheesecake 450g ❄️
Iceland Garlic Mozzarella Bites 204g❄️
Iceland Cocktail Pork Sausages 26 Pack ❄️
Iceland Luxury Halloumi Fries 12 Pack❄️
Iceland Garlic Slices (10 pack) 260g  ❄️
Iceland Luxury 6 Ultimate Pork Hot Dogs 420g ❄️Iceland Luxury 6 Ultimate Pork Hot Dogs 420g ❄️
Iceland 4 Golden Savoury Rice Steam Bags 600g ❄️
Fridays Chilli Cheese Nuggets 200g ❄️
Iceland 16 Profiteroles 280g❄️
Sale priceDhs. 25.00 AED
Greggs 2pk Vegetable Bakes 310g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 32.00 AED
Fridays Handcrafted Beef Burgers 260g ❄️
Sold out
Fridays Family Party Box 410g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 10.00 AED Regular priceDhs. 52.50 AED
Fridays Chicken Dumplings 132g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 27.15 AED
Iceland Peas, Pork Bacon & Onion with Cracked Black Pepper Butter 500g ❄️
Iceland Garlic Butter Mushrooms 400g ❄️
IHOP Original Buttermilk Pancake 250g ❄️IHOP Original Buttermilk Pancake 250g ❄️
Butterball Turkey Cordon Bleu 200g ❄️Butterball Turkey Cordon Bleu 200g ❄️
Iceland Mozzarella Sticks 16 Pack❄️
Sale priceDhs. 25.00 AED
Iceland 4 Zesty Bean Quinoa Steam Bags 500g ❄️
Birds Eye Veg Fingers (10 pack) 284g ❄️
Butterball Turkey Nuggets 225g ❄️Butterball Turkey Nuggets 225g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 20.50 AED
Iceland Luxury 2 Festive Pies (contains Pork)  400g❄️
Iceland BBQ Chicken and Pork Bacon Cheese Filled Crust Pizza 460g ❄️
Iceland 4 Hash Brown Quarter Pounders 456g ❄️
Fridays Classic Chicken Wings 400g ❄️
Fridays Chicken Wings Hot 400g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 44.80 AED
Iceland Luxury Lobster and Shrimp Mac & Cheese 2 Pack❄️
Iceland Luxury 2 Halloumi Burgers 200g ❄️