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Fridays Family Party Box 410g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 10.00 AED Regular priceDhs. 52.50 AED
Fridays Jalapeno and Cheese ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 27.75 AED
Fridays Breaded Shrimp Butterfly Style 250g ❄️
Fridays Chicken Dumplings 132g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 27.15 AED
Fridays Chilli Cheese Nuggets 200g ❄️
Fridays Classic Chicken Wings 400g ❄️
Sold out
Fridays Sweet Chilli Chicken Strips 250g ❄️
Fridays Hot Chicken Bites 250g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 30.00 AED
Fridays Mac and Cheese Bites ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 28.25 AED
Fridays Cheeseburger Spring Rolls ❄️
Fridays Chicken Wings Hot 400g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 44.80 AED
Fridays Hot Chicken Strips 250g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 30.00 AED
Butterball Turkey Nuggets 225g ❄️Butterball Turkey Nuggets 225g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 20.50 AED
Butterball Turkey Strips 200g ❄️Butterball Turkey Strips 200g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 25.75 AED
Butterball x Minions Turkey Fingers  240g ❄️
Butterball x Minions Turkey Popcorn 200g ❄️
Butterball x Minions Turkey Puff Pops 200g ❄️
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Birds Eye Fish Nuggets (20 pack) 490g ❄️
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Birds Eye Fish Bites in Crispy Batter (26 pack) 728g ❄️
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Iceland Criss Cross Fries 700g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 26.00 AED
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Iceland Potato Croquettes 908g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 28.00 AED
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Iceland Ridiculously Crispy Skin On French Fries 1.2kg ❄️
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Iceland Ridiculously Crispy Straight Cut Chips 1.2kg ❄️
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Iceland Sweet Potato Fries 600g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 31.00 AED
Birds Eye Chicken Free Nuggets 250g ❄️
Birds Eye Veg Fingers (10 pack) 284g ❄️
Quorn Crispy Nuggets 300g❄️
Sale priceDhs. 31.50 AED
Quorn Vegan Fishless Fingers 200g❄️
Sale priceDhs. 28.50 AED
Iceland Garlic Slices (10 pack) 260g  ❄️