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Iceland 4 Golden Savoury Rice Steam Bags 600g ❄️
Iceland 4 Hash Brown Quarter Pounders 456g ❄️
Iceland 4 Zesty Bean Quinoa Steam Bags 500g ❄️
Iceland Chilli and Lime Sweetcorn Kernels 400g❄️
Iceland Christmas Trees & Stars Potato Shapes 600g❄️
Iceland Crispy Potato Wedges 700g❄️
Sale priceDhs. 25.00 AED
Iceland Crispy Potatoes with Mediterranean Style Vegetables 500g ❄️
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Iceland Criss Cross Fries 700g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 26.00 AED
Iceland Garlic Butter Mushrooms 400g ❄️
Iceland Garlic Mozzarella Bites 204g❄️
Iceland Luxury Halloumi Fries 12 Pack❄️
Iceland Luxury 2 Halloumi Burgers 200g ❄️
Iceland Luxury Sweetcorn Wheels with Southern Fried Butter 380g ❄️
Iceland Mediterranean style vegetables in a basil seasoning 500g ❄️
Iceland Melting Cheese Puffs 14 Pack❄️
Iceland Melting Cheese Straws 10 Pack❄️
Iceland Mixed Stir Fry 500g ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 25.00 AED
Iceland Mozzarella Sticks 16 Pack❄️
Sale priceDhs. 25.00 AED
Iceland Peas, Pork Bacon & Onion with Cracked Black Pepper Butter 500g ❄️
Iceland Pizza Bites 300g❄️
Sale priceDhs. 25.00 AED
Iceland Southern Fried Cauliflower Popcorn 250g❄️
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Iceland Steak Cut Chips 1.25kg ❄️
Sale priceDhs. 5.00 AED Regular priceDhs. 20.00 AED
Iceland Thin & Crispy Coated French Fries 1.25kg ❄️